Take 2


Remove cards in pairs of equal or sequential rank.


– Tableau of overlapping cards in rows of 6 or 5.

– The Deck at the bottom with 1 card turned up.


Exposed cards can be removed if their rank is equal or sequential. For example, you can remove a pair of 5s, a 5 and 4 or a 5 and 6.

Cards from the deck are dealt out one at a time. These cards can be paired with the cards on the Tableau OR they will be moved to fill any open spaces in the Tableau.

When play reaches a standstill, tap the FINISH button to stop the clock and get your score.


– Pairs of equal rank are worth 5000 points.

– Sequenced pairs are worth 1000 points.

– The amount of seconds you have left at the end of the game will multiply by 100 and be added to your score.

– 10,000 extra points are awarded for removing the entire Tableau.


Remove the entire Tableau to win.

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