Combines aspects of Pyramid and Aces Up. Eliminate the tableau by removing pairs of cards that equal 13.


– 5 Tableau Stacks.

– The Deck on the left.

– The Discard Pile on the far right.


Cards can be removed in pairs that add up to 13. Queens are worth 12 and Jacks worth 11. Therefore, the cards that can be removed are Ace+Queen, 2+Jack, 3+10, 4+9, 5+8, 6+7. Kings are worth 13 so they do not need to be paired. Just tap on a King to remove it. To select a pair, simply drag one card on top of the other.

Tap the Deck to deal out 1 card to each Tableau stack. If the 5th Tableau stack (on the right) has been emptied, it can be filled by any card in the Tableau. The other Tableau stacks can only be filled from the Deck.


Remove all cards to win.

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