Ace Solitaire


Remove all of the cards from the tableau and deck before time runs out.


-triple-pyramid tableau

-the deck at the bottom left

-2 dealt piles at bottom right

-1 waste pile at bottom right

-1 discard pile at top left

-180 seconds on your clock


Exposed cards can be removed that add up to 11. All dressed cards are changed to Aces and have a value of 1.

Tap the deck to turn up 1 card at a time. This card will move to the first dealt pile. Additional taps of the deck will move the card from the first dealt pile to the second dealt pile. The cards in the second dealt pile will be placed onto the tableau. If spaces are not available in the tableau, the card is discarded.

When you are unable to remove any more cards, tap the FINISH button to stop the clock and get your score.


-cards removed earns points

-points are determined by the location of the cards removed

-dealt pile= 100 points, level 1= 200 points, level 2= 300 points, level 3= 400 points, level 4= 500 points, level 5= 800 points

-removing any of the 3 peak cards is worth an additional 10,000 points each


Remove the entire tableau to win!

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