Talking of card faces

My company developed a new kind of card face for our app. The design changes to show larger numbers and suits for the card in the front of the stack. I wrote a press release, which you can see here.

The release says the cards had been in work for over a year. I've actually been working on them since 2013. I'd work on some aspect – choosing a font, size, placement of the numbers and suits – then I'd second-guess and put the whole project aside in frustration. In the final months, I did another 4 revisions to the back suite alone. Once I got to see the cards in the app, in all 100+ solitaire games, I would see new issues to fix and problems to solve.

The end result is better than I had hoped. I've played card games my whole life. Now I get to make them. Better.

Here's the link to the Solitaire Free Pack, if you'd like to see the cards in action on your Android device:

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New Dynamic Card Style Revolutionizes Mobile Solitaire
Saint Louis, Missouri (PRWEB) June 06, 2017 — Tesseract Mobile launches their new card face design in their Solitaire Free Pack for Android. This innovative design uses advanced mobile technology to provide a sleek, minimalist style.

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  1. Thank you for asking +dPHender son​! A fresh install of the Solitaire Free Pack uses 44.48 MB in internal storage. Saved games and statistics will add to that, as will extra backgrounds if one chooses to download them.