Remember Platonic Fire?

Well, I finally got around to doing the step-by-step pictorial on my website, and here is the link.

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Platonic Fire
Swarovski Elements, Beads and Copper. I collected a lot of these Swarovski shapes in tones of Magma, Crystal Copper, Crystal Golden Shadow and Bronze and mated them with hints of Tanzanite and Provence Lavender. The various effects and finishes combined to create a color palette reminiscent of …

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12 thoughts on “Remember Platonic Fire?

  1. And what's the story with the glass shapes you referenced on the website? I didn't know what they were. Are they glass?

  2. The shapes are Swarovski crystal +Leilah Loo.  Swarovski has the best quality and color for crystal beads.  The knockoffs get better every year, but nobody can touch Swarovski on their color variety. 

    Usually I mix Swarovski with cheap knockoff crystal beads because the cheaper versions have gotten good enough that even I can hardly tell the difference any more.  But I used all Swarovski beads on Platonic Fire.

  3. One of these days, I'll get around to posting more photos of my work +Christina Lihani and yes, that is a brilliant idea, putting it all together in a collection.  It is always more fun to make stuff than it is to write about making it, lol, but it is very encouraging to know that someone considers it interesting 🙂
    Thanks for your encouragement and have a lovely day!!