Night and Day

Model:  Shaunice Walton

Flowers make fabulous props.  I thought the stems were so interesting – the way their different shapes and twists aligned.  And the colors are so vibrant against the blue backdrop. 

More ideas for +Reggie Hudson's next shoot ~

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13 thoughts on “Night and Day

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words +Reggie Hudson​! This was shot in the same 4 hour session as the ginkgo shot, and the earlier shot of Shaunice with the black faux fur jacket. We also did some great stuff with yellow caution tape, industrial chains, a string of lights, a clear plastic drop cloth, and some orange slices.

    True story.

    Game on, brother!

  2. She is covered in metallic bodypaint in both photos +Kenny Parnell.  Sometimes, my camera will pick up a dark area and compensate with a lighter exposure.  The next time, it picks up a lighter color and gives a darker exposure.  That's why I take every shot several times.  In some cases, like this, both turned out really good (IMO).  So, the real answer to your question is, it is just a darker exposure. 
    Or maybe the 2nd strobe didn't fire, which is pretty doggone common and leads to similar results ;~)

  3. Thank you +Leilah Loo and +Reggie Hudson, and of course now I'm quite curious to ask a question.  Do you think you like the colors in the light blue image better?
    90% of the images from the session turned out like the light blue, color wise.  I'll share a few of the other poses tonight 🙂

  4. I like her facial expression better in that image. If it had the dark background, would I still like it more, not sure? But likely. It's softer.