This is excellent! 

Yes, I am a huge #BacktotheFuture fan.  I remember seeing the movies in the theatre.  I had a huge crush on Alex P. Keaton, and who wouldn't love Marty McFly.

Whenever I need an anonymous username, I always go with some "Alex" variation.  Alexa, Alexandri, Alexis… I have always wanted to be an Alex.  Rock on, Michael J. Fox.  You bring to life some awesome characters!

Hey, anyone, does Rick and Morty kinda remind you of Doc and Marty?  Not really, personality wise, but the dynamic could have been inspired and the name "Morty" (an unusual one, for sure) could have been a quite homage to Marty.

If you haven't seen Rick and Morty, you should.  It's clever.  Really good writing.  Check it on IMDB if you don't believe me.

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