I've been doing some wire working over the last month.  I had surgery just after…

I've been doing some wire working over the last month.  I had surgery just after Christmas and wasn't agile enough to do photography, so I played with this instead. 
The first few pieces I made were completely abstract.  With this one, the shapes suggested a flower and a sun, separated by a cloudy sky.  Bright, cheery, energetic colors.

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Sun Daisy
Sun Daisy Rhinestone & Wire Wrapping. Sun Daisy by Laura Ockel This is my latest (and new favorite) wire wrapping project. I’m going to post it on Pinterest because I’m curious to see if people like it. If I get some pins, I’ll write up a tutorial with pics of the work in progress, …

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15 thoughts on “I've been doing some wire working over the last month.  I had surgery just after…

  1. Surgery? Are you alright? I hope you feel better. I have limping for a month after basketball injury. It is not a good experience. Get well, and have more smile on you.

  2. It was not too serious +Leo Lee​ but the recovery has been rather unpleasant in a variety of ways. The pain medications had bad side effects and horrible withdrawal effects. But I'm mostly back to normal now.

    Thanks so much for the concern. Big hugs! I hope you recover from your injury as well.

  3. +Laura Ockel​ I am just happy to see you on google plus. Thank for your concern too.

    Most of my coworkers ask me to play basketball again with five times injury. Maybe….

    I watched a movie, Lucy, so I can use my brain more than 20% to control each muscle and ligament in my ankle and to fix them every night. Hahaha…

    Big smile goes to you. My friend.

  4. That is a lot of injury +Leo Lee.  Hopefully they did not do any lasting damage.  Often, such injuries do.

    I have not seen that movie yet but plan to see it too.  Did you enjoy it? 

  5. The better I play, the more aggressive defense I get. Now I understand the nature of the basketball. Hahaha… Still they want me to play with them. They know who is the best. Hahaha…

    One of female co-workers told me "they are going to kill you. Stop playing with them." Hahaha…

    I am fine and enjoy what I can do with my physical body so far.

    For me, it is hard to tell the taste of the story because Scarlett Johansson, the sexy girl, plays in the movie. Hahaha… Sorry. All I can say is I love sci-fi movies.

    Speaking of movies, once I figure UltraViolet system out, I can share the movies that I have purchased, with you. I hear that movies on my account are sharable. Let me take a look at it.

  6. It is possible to share my movies on Ultraviolet over Vudu, but there is a catch. I have to give you a full permission on my account. I cannot do that. Sorry. It is silly.

  7. Not to worry +Leo Lee​. I'm always happy to support arts and entertainment. After all, I'm in that industry, more or less 🙂

    I love sci-fi too. Have you seen Black Mirror? I think it's on Netflix. Like Twilight Zone but new and good. At least I thought so.