Hello G+ friends!!

For the last few weeks, I've been working like mad to finish the new update to our Solitaire MegaPack and Solitaire Free Pack, so I haven't been on G+ as much as I'd like. 

The update went out last night and it's gotten great reviews and raised us 3 spots in the ranking!  The best news is, now I have some free time to hang out on G+ again and share some new neat photos.

This is the stigma of a Dianthus flower.  The older the flower got, the more coiled the stigma became 🙂  The photo is SOOC so yes, the stigma really is that purple!  

Big thanks to +Monica Frank for giving me this flower from her garden!

For #hqspflowers +HQSP Flowers by +Werner Polwein +Larry Henley and +Nicole Best

  #macro4all +Bill Urwin, +Thomas Kirchen, +Mark O'Callaghan   +Walter Soestbergen (+Macro4All )

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27 thoughts on “Hello G+ friends!!

  1. Thank you for intimate views of Mother Nature at her intricate best. As the saying goes, "The devil is in the details." Once again, you've provided an up close and personal look at a world we rarely see.

  2. When it comes to users buying the ad-free version vs. ad supported, which is more popular? You don't have to answer if it's a business secret 🙂 Just curious. Ads don't bother me. But if we don't click on them, do they serve their purpose?

  3. Some ads pay per impression, which means we get paid whether players click or not.  However, ads are far more likely to pay per click.
    However, there are many, many players who would never click on an ad and they are still valuable customers to us. 
    We were very surprised to learn that the free, ad-supported games bring in a lot more money than paid games.  A lot of other developers don't know that, and I'm certainly not going to tell them.  The more apps that show ads, the less the ads pay. 
    In fact, when the first Android Nooks came out, B&N was very proud of the fact that they didn't allow ad-supported apps in their curated market.  They announced that during one of their keynote talks and the room applauded.  I looked around perplexed, thinking "I guess you folks don't like money".  Well, I don't suppose it worked out very well for them since they're now opening up the Nook to the Google Play Store.

  4. Wow. That is very interesting! I'm guilty. I don't click ads. Unless it's for shoes. Can't imagine how us non-clickers are valuable? (lol)

     I think B&N wanted you to buy their stuff in their store so they wouldn't need ads. But yeah, I guess it didn't work for them. Confused about the Play Store, how do I put an item I already have on my phone on my Nook? Or maybe mine is too old?

  5. Very good question +Leilah Loo but I'm afraid I don't know about the Nook/Play Store issues.  I'd Google it.

    Non-ad-clickers are still fans so they will hopefully be saying good things about our products and our company 🙂  That's always a big plus!

  6. Yeah, I never use my Nook… (lol)

    Ah. Well, I'd say good things about your game! For sure 🙂

    I had another solitaire game, but removed it. I actually had the same company card game on an old dumb phone which I loved! But the newer android version, I didn't like. Like yours so much better!

  7. 🙂
    It took me a moment to realize you meant 'dumb phone' as opposed to 'smart phone'. My old phone had a good solitaire too. It had a tiny screen and a stylus (2009) and it worked great!