Hold your breath

Walking back from the mailbox one day, I looked down and saw this small, wispy seed standing on a puddle.  The tiny feathered spikes radiate out in 3 dimensions to form a ball or pom-pom.  In fact, it was so prone to rolling away, I found it difficult to keep it still for photos.  A faint movement or slight breath was enough to send it on its way. 

Because the seed was so tiny and so 3 dimensional, I used a small F22 aperture for a wide depth of field.  Otherwise, the majority of the spikes ended up too blurry for the image to make sense. 

The seed reminded me of Carl Sagan's ship of the imagination, so this piece is devoted to him.  Thank you, Carl, for bringing us a better understanding of the worlds around us, both great and small.

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